Who is Armando Carmona?

Armando Carmona is a lifelong resident of Mira Loma, a community that is part of the now incorporated Jurupa Valley.

Armando attended all local schools. From Troth Elementary, Mira Loma Middle School and Jurupa Valley High School. He went on to study at the University of California Santa Barbara and is a committed advocate for working families and people fighting to be heard. 

Armando wears many hats. He is Chief Communications Officer & owner of a public affairs and civic engagement company that works to empower & inform the public on important issues. He is currently a Planning Commissioner for the City of Jurupa Valley where he has advocated to protect the equestrian and ranch zoning, limit high density housing & apartments in equestrian protected areas and for resident voices to be heard. 

Armando is an educator and community scholar in residence at the University of California Riverside where he is working to establish a community and cultural center in Jurupa Valley. Armando is a Board member of the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP). A program that works to inspire high school students to attend college and understand policymaking at the local and state level.

Armando Carmona is running for city council to represent the areas of Pedley, Glen Avon, Indian Hills and Mira Loma and provide a voice to residents across Jurupa Valley fighting to be heard. Armando believes that the voices of Residents should take priority and NOT developers and investors looking to profit off our land. He is fully prepared to take on the city’s toughest challenges and will prioritize the needs of ALL residents.

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